Consent to establishment (CTE), Consent to operate (CTO), Renewal of Consent and Hazardous Waste Authorization (HWA) from Tamilnadu Pollution control board (TNPCB) and other state Pollution Control Boards(SPCB).

Environment Clearance (EC) from State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) and MOEF, Govt of India, NewDelhi.

CMDA, DTCP AND Single Window Clearances undertaken.

We are accredited by NABET which comes under Quality Council of India

CRZ (Coastal Regulation Zone) Clearances from CZMA (Coastal Zone Management Authorites)

DPR (Detailed Project Reports) for STP/ETP/ZLD/WTP for Government & Private Funded Projects

Liaison with various Govt Agencies in the State & Centeral Govt is undertaken.

Sectors - Building, Infrastructure, Steel, Bulk Drug Industries, Distilleries, Sugar Industry, Thermal Power Plants Etc.

Screening & Scoping for EIA

Rapid EIA study

Comprehensive EIA study

Study as per Terms of Reference (TOR) Granted by the MOEF/SEIAA

Public Hearing

Presentations to Expert Committee at Central & State Level

Obtaining Environmental Clearance (EC) from MOEF/SEIAA as per EIA Notification 2006 & Said Amendments

Concept Design & Master Planning

Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility and Detailed Project Reports

Pre-proposal activities in respect of preparation of bid documents for inviting tenders

Post- tender activities in respect of evaluation, design optimization, award of work, Detailed engineering design and drawings

Proof checking and peer review consultancy



Consent to Establish (CTE) Under Air & Water Act for newly proposed Projects

Consent to Operate (CTO) Under Air & Water Act Prior to Commissioning

Consent to Establish (CTE) & Consent to Operate (CTO) Expansion Under Air & Water Act

Hazardous Waste Authorisation (HWA) for safe Handling & Disposal Of Hazardous Waste under Hazardous Waste Management (HWM) Rules 2016

Biomedical Waste Authorisation (BWMA) under Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016

Screening & Scoping for EIA

Site Specific Environmental Impact Assessment Study for 3 months

Preparation of Form I & Feasibility Report

Preparation of CRZ Report

Coordination for HTL (High Tide Line) & LTL (Low Tide Line) Demarcation Maps

Coordination for reports from Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) Department

Presentation to Distrct Level, State Level & Central Level Authorities

Obtaining Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Clearance as per the CRZ Rules 2011

We take up DPR Preparations for Government as well as Private Funded Projects

Site study, preparation of prefeasibility report

Preparation of details project reports for;

Sewage Treatment Plants

Effluent Treatment Plants

Zero Liquid Discharge Systems

Water Treatment Plants

Our Reports are Vetted by Anna University & IIT, Madras for Project Execution

We provide consulting and liaison services for obtaining Clearances from CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority) for industrial, commercial & residential projects

We take up all new and existing industrial projects

We undertake application preparations, submission of drawings in line with norms & to the Government Authorities

Clarifications & Updates in the drawings will be done as per the Client’s requirements

We take single handed responsibility for obtaining the final approval and Clearance Certificate from CMDA

We undertake application preparations, submission of drawings in line with norms & to the Government Authorities

We provide consulting & liaison services for obtaining Ground water Clearance from Ground water division of Public Works Department (PWD)

We undertake application preparations and submission of report in line with the Discussion with authority.

We get NOC’s from Revenue and Rural Department adhering to the Ground water Clearance.

We coordinate with PWD officials and ground water division in your region.

We support you during the Site Inspection which would be done by PWD officials.

We do site visit and yield test if required.

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