Operation & Maintenance Services – Water/Waste water

We do the Operation & Maintenance of STP, ETP, RO, WTP, MEE, ATFD & ZLD with Skilled / Semi - Skilled work force in a Professional Manner.

The Effluent Treatment plant or Sewage Treatment Plant once constructed/established need to do operation & maintenance by qualified & experience persons for efficient & effective operation of ETP/STP.Our Operators do the round the clock operation of the plant, Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance of the plant.

Our qualified operator & supervisor are maintaining all the records of the operation and attends the day to day trouble shootings of the following type of plants:

  1. Sewage Treatment Plants
  2. Effluent Treatment Plants
  3. Ultra Filtration Plants
  4. Reverse osmosis plant
  5. Multiple Effect Evaporator(MEE)and Agitated Thin Film Dryers(ATFD)
  6. Cooling Towers
  7. Boiler units
  8. Water Treatment Plants
  9. Softener
  10. Iron Removal Unit
  11. Recycling Plants
  12. Pumping Stations
  13. Tertiary Treatment Plant
  14. Zero Liquid Discharge Systems


  • We do the Operation & Maintenance of ETP, STP, WTP, RO, ZLD & Evaporator Plants with Skilled / Semi - Skilled Operators in a Professional Manner.
  • We supply water treatment chemicals like antiscalent, SMBS, Hypo, Caustic, Citric, etc., and all spares for STP, ETP, WTP, RO & Evaporator plants.
  • We offer O&M Services on PAN India basis.
  • We assure 100% safe and healthy environment for all employees where we also ensure meeting the Statutory requirements for them.
  • We do Planned and Unplanned maintenance services by our employees.
  • We provide Comprehensive training to our employees regularly by our experts from our company.
  • Our Experts visit the plants weekly/monthly/Quarterly once to analyze the plant conditions and necessary action to be taken. The expert team is available for all emergencies in the plant
  • We do the water audit to find out the water nature and suggest/do proper operations support to reduce Operational costs.
  • We provide operation & maintenance service for the following type of Industries:
    • Automobile OEMs
    • Automobile Ancillaries
    • Garments & Textile Dyeing
    • Distilleries & Breweries
    • Food & Beverages
    • Chemical, Paint & Pharmaceuticals
    • Power Plants
    • Petrochemical, Oil & Gas
    • Steel & Metal Manufacturing
    • Phosphating Industries
    • Airports, Sea Ports & CETPs
    • Cement Industry
    • Pulp, Paper & Sugar Industries
    • Educational Institutions, Infrastructure Development Projects, Apartments & IT parks