Project Management Consultancy

Pollucare is a leading Project Management Consultant in the field of Solid Waste Management and Smart City Project by working with various Municipal Corporations in India

We, as a Environmental Consultant analyse and advise on policies guiding the design, implementation and modification of government or commercial environmental operations and programs.

Project Management Consultancy Services

  • Basic design of treatment facility considering the sources and characteristics of wastes
  • Evaluate technologies available and select suitable technology for waste management
  • Development of Basis of Design and Process Specifications
  • Preparation of Tender and RFP (request for proposal)
  • Technical Review of offers received from EPC Contractor, Technical Recommendations
  • Preparation of Order Indent
  • Review of Drawings/ Documents submitted by EPC Contractor
  • Commissioning support
  • Monitoring of Schedules
  • Cost Estimates