Utility & Facility Management Services

We undertake the O & M of Utilities and provide Production Support Services and Facility Management Services through deploying efficient man power to improve efficiency of the functioning of plants.

Electrical / HVAC Operation

  • We will engage with “B & C” licence holder for operation of the Electrical equipment’s.
  • Operation & Monitoring of HT Switch Gear in Sub-Station
  • Operation and Maintenance of Solar panels, MCCB, MV Panel, Electrical Control panel & Battery Room.
  • Minor maintenance of panels like fuse replacement, minor switch gear problems etc.
  • All Transformer and its protection system.
  • Operation of all DG sets
  • HT panel and its protection systems viz. relays, trip circuits etc.
  • All switch gears installed in LT panels, measuring instruments, indications, bus bars, HT/LT cables, Bus couplers and complete LT panel installed at different locations.
  • Checking of earth pits and taking corrective action for improvement of earth resistance if found improper.
  • Preventive maintenance of Distribution control panels, distribution up to plant distribution panels.
  • Preventive Maintenance - Chilled water lines, duct and valves Inspection.
  • Preventive Maintenance Chiller, VRV, Duct able and split units.
  • Preventive Maintenance of Pumps - Leakage Monitoring, Coupling Healthiness.

Boiler and Cooling Tower Operation

  • Start-up & Shut Down of Boiler System
  • Day Tank FO level filing and heating
  • Water Level Filling - Steam Drum & Deaerator
  • Ensuring oil circulation (Pump Pressure & Return Line Pressure) as advised by OEM & ATL
  • Burner Start - Safety Interlock Checking
  • Steam Pressure & Temperature Management
  • Open the inlet & outlet valve of the cooling water line of cooling tower.
  • Check the water level of the cooling tower.
  • Start the cooling water circulation pumps from operating panels


  • Repairing of damaged plumbing lines inside factory premises.
  • Removing/relocating of existing water lines, etc.,
  • Recording the water metre readings across the facility on daily basis.
  • Cleaning of Overhead tanks & Underground sumps on regular intervals.
  • Periodic checking of water lines for leakage around the facility and clearing the clogs.
  • Servicing of Sprinkler systems in the landscaping area.
  • Learning new skills that can be adopted in the working environment.
  • Any minor plumbing repairs & Maintenance activities in the overall building.

House Keeping & Gardening

  • Cleaning varandahs, Corridors entrance and public movement area in daily use.
  • Collection of waste, rubbish, garbage etc., from all areas and safe disposal of thesame to the garbage yard.
  • Cleaning the open space area inside the buildings and ensure the cleanliness always.
  • Cleaning of windows, doors, glass panes, electrical fitting in the buildings and ensure the dust free environment always.
  • Housekeeping work must be carried out without damaging existing infrastructure of the site
  • Cutting of tree branches and maintains the plant from garden area as per the client instruction.
  • Cleaning Toilets & bathrooms.